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Opti-fish, brings you the superbly practical Screwcumber, Offering a totally different approach to weighing and holding down Vegetables in your aquarium.

A product proving popular with aquarists around the world for the simple reason; it works, not only because it will far outlast suckers and clips but it also provides a genuine alternative to lead which will often bruise cucumber etc resulting in early degradation plus the Screwcumber can easily be found in the gravel and used again and again.

Various Fish On Cucumber


Ancistrus On Cucumber with Cardinal Tetra Shoal
From the home hobbyist to the seasoned enthusiast, this essential piece of kit provides a lead free and simpler solution to weighing down a variety of vegetables and fruits in your aquarium such as Cucumber, Courgette, Zucchini, Lettuce, Apple etc... etc... Virtually anything you wish to try!!

Will hold down a 25 - 75mm (1" - 3") section of Cucumber, Courgette, Zucchini or similar vegetable.

Rest assured this item is not plated or coated with anything, it is made entirely from the very finest quality Marine grade Stainless steel.
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Also popular with keepers of apple snails, to provide a source of calcium rich vegetables......or alternatively when unwanted snails enter your aquarium with new plant stock it can be used effectively with Cucumber as a chemical free snail trap to attract those unwanted snails providing easy removal from your tank

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2 Ancistrus on Carrot weighed with Screwcumber
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Very quick, effective and simple to use. Extremely rigid and durable, will not go out of shape, break or wear out, excellent value when compared to other devices on the market.

The choice of experts and pro's of the aquarium world. Made in the UK.

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Cardinal Tetra Nibbling Courgette Sturisoma on Carrot Otocinclus On Screwcumber
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